Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Andrea Brown - Emerging Talent

When a friend told me her younger sister had just graduated from the University of Georgia's bachelor of fine arts program and suggested that I put her in a show, I did what most gallery owners probably would have done and, not so sincerely but politely said, "sure, send me her stuff". I didn't really think much of it until I saw a vaguely familiar girl strolling the halls of the McColl Center for Visual Art. And I still wasn't convinced until I finally saw Andrea Brown's work and the body of art she was developing while at the Center. Some times you have to really drag an old horse to water. I've really enjoyed speaking with Andrea about her photography and am convinced she is on her was to big things in the art world.

Born in Asheville, Andrea received a BFA from the University of Georgia. Just 24 years old, she has also already shown widely in Atlanta and was labeled an “artist to watch” in a photo exhibition juried by the curator of photography at the High Museum of Art. In 2009 she received an Emerging Artists Grant from the Arts and Science Council and served as an Artist-in-Residence at the McColl Center for Visual Art. Her latest work, entitled Mama Mashi, combines a unique approach with a thoughtful technique.

Andrea's images are digital stills extracted from a documentary film shot on a trip to Tanzania. The images are then printed on multiple layers of polycarbonate using an ink jet printer. This results in a stunning effect that adds tremendous texture to an already heavy subject. Each image is 4 x 6", framed in a black frame that can be customed matted and are $175 each.
(Images removed. Andrea is now represented by DOMA Gallery in South End.
Pantone 278 is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 5 at 1710 Camden Road in the back of South End Home and the art is always available to be shown by appointment.
Marc Gustafson
Gallery Pantone 278

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alison Overton - Otherwordly Images

I learned of Alison Overton through my good friend and artist, Ashley Lathe. Alison and Ash exhibit work together at Artspace Visual Art Center in Raleigh, along with Ashlynn Browning and Bruce Melkowits. I greatly value personal referrals by artists, particularly when the referred artists work has such an immediate visual impact. And almost without fail, people who viewed Alison's works were immediately moved by the ethereal, yet very real nature of her photography.

Alison considers herself a landscape photographer, but her images convey much more than a static depiction of physical space. Using a simple toy camera called a Holga, Alison guides viewers into a dreamy world containing evocative images. Walking among these works gives the viewer a sense of walking alone among the quiet London cemetery that is the subject of her prints.

Although her camera is simple, Alison's techniques are not. By combining overlapping exposures, carefully cropping her subjects and then overpainting each of the unique images with transparent oil paints, Alison's photographs blur the line between the tangible, mortal world and the spiritual, inert world.

Each of her images is 10 x 10” and framed in beautiful 20 x 16” frames. They are all $550.

Watching the Sky

Under Starlight II

The Ideal

Ornamental Gate

Harvest Goddess II

Harvest Goddess I

Glowing From Within

Fearless Prayer II

Fearless Prayer I

Daughter and Mother

Considering the Sacred

Blue Stone Blanket

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shannon Binns - tout existe à Paris [all exists in paris]

Each day this week I will highlight one of the artists from this month's show. Tonight's artist is Shannon Binns. I first met Shannon last year when he was applying for the Arts & Science Council's Cultural Leadership Training program. I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm for the arts. Later, while visiting The Light Factory, Charlotte's photography museum, I learned of Shannon's interest in photography. Shannon is super-involved in the Charlotte arts scene, and we are lucky to have him here. I'm excited to be the first to show his work.

Shannon has lived and traveled throughout the world. You can tell by the shots in this show that he connects with the places he travels to. As with many of us, Shannon discovered that Paris is a mystical place, a place where simple scenes reflect strong emotions. In his photographs of strikingly familiar scenes of Paris, Shannon uncovers the interplay between the basic elements--Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water--and human nature, distilled to Love and Strife.

la fontaine [fountain] - 11x14 - $200

la fontaine [fountain] - 11x14 - $200 SOLD

le feu [fire] - 16x20 - $275

le ballon [balloon] - 11x14 - $200

l'eau [water] - 16x20 - $275

la terre [earth]- 16x20 - $275

le café [coffee] - 11x14 - $200

la rue [street] - 20x30 - $450

le vent [wind] - 16x20 - $275

la boulangerie [bakery] - 20x30 - $450
All of these images are printed on archival paper, mounted on foam core, and are available for viewing at Pantone 278 @ South End Home, 1710 Camden Road or by appointment. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Marc Gustafson
Gallery Pantone 278