Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update: Ashley Lathe

Yupo: Synthetic Water-Resistant Paper.

A year ago, Pantone 278 kicked off with an exhibition of Charlotte watercolor painter Ashley Lathe's "wall" series at the Charlotte Trolley Museum. Since then, just as Pantone 278 has continued to evolve, Ash's work has progressed from familiar urban scenes of soft colors to darker and more fluid works on a new type of paper, yupo, that allows the paint to move and to explore its own boundaries, as if left to nature.

These new images draw on still-familiar forms yet push the viewer to look beyond the ordinary, static image and to realize the often dynamic nature of our surroundings.

Yupo 23

Yupo 18

Yupo 3
Pantone 278 Update
After successful runs at both the Charlotte Trolley Museum and South End Home, I am in the process of identifying a new space for the Gallery. In the meantime, much of the work that has shown at the Gallery is on display at my home in Dilworth, where my guest bedroom serves as a makeshift gallery. It's been fun having all of that art around, but it's time to find a new space.
Be on the lookout for a new location for Pantone 278 and an upcoming show highlighting Ash's new work. Until then, enjoy this incredible weather and all of the exciting things going on in the Charlotte art community.
Marc Gustafson
Pantone 278